Septic Tank Cleaning and Desludging Service

Septic tanks are designed for sewage to sink into a settlement chamber and for the liquid to rise to the surface, this solid waste or sludge will need to be pumped out as part of your regular maintenance. Desludging should take place every 12 to 24 months.

Septic tanks are used for the collection and settlement of sewage for domestic and commercial premises that are not connected to the mains drainage.

Regular septic tank emptying and desludging will reduce the risk of the tank to backup and will keep your septic tank running more efficiently.

To allow your septic tank to work efficiently avoid - cooking oils and grease, wet wipes and paper towels, feminine hygiene products, medicines and household chemicals including oil, paint or pesticides.

Septic Tank Cleaning and Desludging - A.J. Parton, Stafford

Professional Septic Tank Cleaning

High pressure water jetting will thoroughly clean sewage tanks, removing any traces of debris

Scheduled & Urgent Response Service

A. J. Parton can desludge your septic tank at agreed intervals or respond quickly in the case of an emergency

Domestic & Commercial

A. J. Parton provide a regular cleaning and desludging service for your septic tank for rural schools, farms and hotels.

Am I responsible for emptying the septic tank?

As a home-owner you are the person responsible for maintaining and emptying the septic tank. If you live in a rented property, you need to refer to your landlord agreement as responsibility will have been assigned.

Excellent service by James and his four legged supervisor. Access to our property and septic tank is quite difficult. A.J Parton were the only company who would come out to us. We would recommend them.