Septic Tank Installation

A. J. Parton will carry out a survey of your sewage treatment requirements and install a sewage treatment plant that conforms to the environment agency and local building regulations.

Septic Tank System Installation

A. J.  Parton are highly experienced and qualified to install a new sewage system or simply to upgrade your existing in a cost effective way.

For all enquiries please contact A. J. Parton who will be happy to help and advice you on the best septic tank system to suit your requirements - call 01782 791 305 or 07712 365 063

Septic Tank Installation - A. J. Parton of Stafford

Households that are not connected to mains drainage will be served by a septic tank that is designed specifically for the number of occupants of the property. In the UK there has been two main types of septic tank installations:

Septic Tank Without Soakaway

Since January 2020, if your domestic septic tank discharges directly to surface water, (ditch, stream, river, lake or pond) then your septic tank no longer conforms to the Environmental Agency requirements and should be replaced.


Septic Tank With Soakaway

A modern septic tank is typically made of fibre glass or polyethylene and provides a clean discreet drainage system that uses natural processes to treat sewage within underground waste water chambers. It is designed to retain solids which sink to the bottom of the septic tank whilst liquids are allowed to flow out and soak into the ground. The sludge that results should be removed by a licensed contractor regularly to avoid overspill and not pollute the local environment.

Call A. J. Parton to discuss the design and installation of a new septic tank system that conforms to the Environmental Agency requirements - 01782 791 305 or 07712 365 063

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