Septic Tank Maintenance

The Environmental Agency places strict responsibilities on the home-owner for he proper maintenance of septic tanks and sewage treatment plants to ensure proper and efficient running of your drainage system as negligence can lead to health risks and environmental issues. 

Help your septic tank to work efficiently

Simple steps that can help your septic tank to run smoothly, avoid breakdowns and increase the lifespan.

  • Pre-book a regular septic tank emptying and de-sludging service
  • Avoid oils, grease and fat being flushed into your septic tank
  • Never flush sanitary products or wipes
  • Avoid chemicals that will kill the bacteria in your septic tank
  • Repair any faults or problems immediately


Septic Tank Maintenance - A. J. Parton

Remain Compliant

Check the Environmental Agency website for up-to-date regulations and changes 

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Excellent prompt service, helped us with a septic tank problem when others wouldn't. Quick, efficient and very professional. Took time to ensure problem properly sorted. Many thanks and highly recommended.

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